This morning, we talked to Steven Pinker about why he thinks the world is becoming less violent, author Harriet Washington about the negative impacts of profit-driven medical research, and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ralph Steinman’s daughter about her father’s legacy. Today’s playlist is brought to you by the letter “B.”

Bambi Molesters – Lazy Ladies

Battles – Tonto

Budos Band – Budos Rising

Beirut – In the Mausoluem

Boards of Canada – Pontiac Dream

Brothers Past – Red Rover

Benevento Russo Duo – Sunny’s Song

Buckethead – Sea Wall

Beck – Sing it Again

Broken Social Scene – Shoreline 7/4

Beats Antique – Beauty Beat

Blutech – Desperate Ends

The Bad Plus – Human Behavior (by BjorkJ)

The Brutalist School – Like Powder

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