This morning we discussed the difference between activism and slacktivism, rural American schools recruiting foreign students, and the latest civilian shooting in Afghanistan. The bumper music, curated by our own Jay Cowit, is below. 

Rachel’s - Esperanza

Beastie Boys - Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Tommy Guerro - Spider and the Monkey

The Fucking Champs - Dolores Park

Sonic Youth - Rain on Tin

Tortoise - The Equator

Dalek - Bricks Crumble

Mercury Program - Arrived/Departed

Kaki King - Ingots

Japan on the Moon - One for Reich

Caribou - Great Canadian Weekend

Tribecastan - Mopti

Mogwai - Black Spider

Eno - Somber Reptiles

Brothers Past - Heroes

Nicolas Jarr - Too Many Kids

The Clash - London Calling

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