If you were listening to our conversation on unemployment this morning, you may have also heard this mash-up of Nancy Pelosi and Gary U.S. Bonds’s “Out of Work,” put together by The Takeaway’s Technical Director Jay Cowit. Here’s the track, along with a note from Jay:

"I was watching CNN yesterday and saw Pelosi’s press conference, which started out with her saying ‘jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,’ in this really interesting rhythmic fashion. I begged Noel King (Managing Producer) to pull that cut, and I got really lucky stumbling upon Gary U.S. Bonds’s ‘Out of Work.’ I say lucky because Pelosi’s cadence is in EXACT time with the song! Hand the heart, I didn’t have to edit or time-synch Nancy AT ALL to make this fit. Which just goes to show you: some Congressmen or Congresswomen might have careers in show biz after this whole politics thing."

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